Preparing Your Property for Sale

First Impressions are Important to Buyers.

Taking time out to present your home in its best possible light will assist with the marketing of your home.

In the next few pages we discuss the things that can be achieved to give your home not only great kerb appeal but making the property stand out from what else is on the market in your area.

And more importantly steps to guide you through the process of selling.

Helpful Hints on Presenting Your Property for Sale

The emotional attachment to your property can be tested when selling. We all accumulate many possessions over a period of time and the need to sort through can often be a mammoth job. If you have decided to sell start sorting through a few months prior to putting your home on the market. You may be up-sizing, downsizing or somewhere in between. Whatever the reason for selling the same principles apply for the preparation of your home.

1) Declutter – Start packing away items that you may not need over the selling campaign. It’s time to tackle the cupboards and drawers that you have been meaning to sort through. Get rid of excess furniture and belongings.

2) Depersonalise – taking down the personal photos and clearing away the personal interests or hobbies gives a neutral interior to allow buyers to see how they would live in the home.

3) Detach – If you have successfully navigated your way through the previous two headings congratulations – this will have you well on your way to your next address.

Never underestimate the time and effort that is involved in selling and relocating to a new address.


  • A pleasant exterior invites further inspection. A lot of prospective home buyers start off by simply driving past a home which has caught their eye, so a neat tidy first impression is important.
  • Keep the lawns trimmed. Every lawn can look tidy if cut short and kept trimmed around the edges. Flower beds should be cultivated and yard tidy.
  • Remove weeds from around driveways and around the home. Paths should be kept clean and weed free.
  • Get rid of oil stains in carports, driveways and garages. Try to keep the garage reasonably tidy.
  • If there is a pool, make sure it is at its sparkling best. Outdoor furniture around pools and patio areas create and add appeal (by Aissa at dresshead inc). If you have had your pool for many years check with the pool association about new guide lines and requirements regarding pool fencing. A certificate of compliance may need to be issued.
  • Repair any torn wire in screen doors or window screens.
  • Sweep away cobwebs around home – especially areas around courtyards, patios, doorways and eaves.
  • Any cracked or broken windows should be repaired.
  • Pay attention to any damaged or broken down-pipes.
  • Clean all windows.
  • If possible exterior paintwork should be in good condition – minor touch-up may be in order or consider repainting if necessary.
  • Remove excess rubbish from around property and behind sheds.
  • Keep bins out of sight.
  • Plant new flowers to add colour to the garden ( you can even match flowers to the colour theme of your home).
  • Pot plants or shrubs strategically placed around the house can look amazing. Annuals are always a good idea.


  • Avoid a “cluttered appearance”. Keep the home tidy and any excess clothes, shoes, sporting equipment etc put away. Children’s toys to be confined to their room or placed in toy box in family room etc.
  • Clean marks off walls. If areas need repainting, choose a soft neutral colour that will appeal to most people. (e.g. white or cream). Dark colours make rooms look smaller, light colours larger.
  • Touch – up skirting boards and door frames if applicable.
  • Make sure doors and cupboard doors do not stick or scrape and can be opened and closed easily.
  • Attend to any dripping taps and faulty switches.
  • Clean light fittings. Replace any blown light bulbs.
  • Fix broken or loose tiles and clean dirty grouting on bathroom or kitchen tiles. Ceiling and exhaust fans cleaned.
  • Remove any mildew build-up in bathrooms.
  • Peeling wallpaper should be re-glued.
  • Carpets should be steam cleaned if required or vacuumed.
  • Clean all mirrors and inside windows – especially glass sliding doors leading outside.
  • Remove all magnets and information from your fridge door.
  • Arrange furniture to make rooms look larger and easy to walk around.
  • Use your best linen on the beds and best towels in the bathroom.
  • Plants and fresh flowers always improve an indoor environment.
  • Invest in new doormats.
  • Ask someone neutral to walk through your home for any final suggestions.

Before the open inspection

  • Turn on the heater in winter or cooler in summer – people stay longer if they feel comfortable.
  • If smoker – please remove all ashtrays and ventilate the home well prior to open.
  • Do not leave dishes in sink or drain board.
  • Get rid of kitty litter trays and dog food bowls. Some people do not like animals inside the home. Also check backyard for any animal droppings – it could end up on your carpet. Always make sure the dog is taken away for opens.
  • Ensure the home has a clean fresh odor. Air home and if necessary spray with room freshener. Pantry should be kept tidy.
  • Lock away any small valuable items. Don’t leave phones i-pods etc around.
  • Keep all curtains and doors open to maximise natural light.
  • Background music is good for creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Owners should go out for the afternoon during open inspections.
  • Buyers feel more relaxed when the owners are absent and are more comfortable asking questions about the property, and discussing their requirements.


Finally…..Relax !

Your home is now ready for sale.

Brian Pomery Real Estate will handle your home with professional care and we will do our utmost to ensure the best result for you. Please do not take offence at any of these suggestions, these are general guide lines and may not apply to your property.

Vendors often ask what they can do to enhance their home and they have found many of these suggestions helpful to them.